Alfresco Dining – Styled Shoot.

You know by now that I myself read blogs and find so much inspiration from them. When I first came across Alfresco Dining via  Oh Happy Day I knew that I wanted to do it. An open space simply dressed with good food and great company? Yes please. So I started putting the feelers out and it didn’t take long to have a dream team who wanted to try it to. Myself along with Jess from The Sewing Sessions and Billie and Mitch from Our Munch put our heads together, created a pintest board  and started planning.

We wanted it to be close by so we walked through the woods near where we live and we when we walked across a certain blank canvas we both started pouring with ideas. Sharing a creative vision with some one is so much fun when you are on the same page. Below is the simple space that we found and knew we could create with.

What happened was a series of pinning ideas and e-mails of what we both had. There were three main goals to the  idea of this – we wanted it to be easy for people to re-create, we needed it to be cheap and we wanted it to be fun! The only thing that was bought were the ingredients, cheese, wine etc. Everything else was what we found around our homes, and what we found in the woods! And things that we didn’t have – we made. This really was so much fun!

We hung bits of material from the trees and filled little mason jars with candles.Lots of them, this was going to be the only light we had once the daylight went.We recently had a tree chopped down so used some of the wood from there, and wrapped round pieces of lace that Jess had spare.

The green bottles I had on my shelf at home, along with corks that I collect and a few vases.The leaves we found on the forest floor. The name tags were acorns I foraged and name tags that I on card and with a stamp and placed them inside the acorn.
This is Billy and Mitch from Our Munch and the create the most delicious food! seriously – I could not recommend these guys more. They do simple and rustic in a really, really good way! This was our little chill out area. Again, gathered cushions and rugs we had at home along with lanterns and create some where to relax. Jess made some really cute ice cubes with sunflowers in!

As dusk was setting in we contemplated just packing up and getting back home. But then we realised what a massive mistake it would be to miss out on a opportunity of such a beautiful experience. So as the day faded and the night well and truly set in, I sat amongst friends, eating amazing food, sipping good wine and having great conversation. Alfresco Style.

Keep am eye out in the next couple of days for my guest blog from Jess. She is going to be sharing how she created the amazing details for the shoot, so you can create them at home!!



5 thoughts on “Alfresco Dining – Styled Shoot.

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  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    It was great to be a part of such a great shoot with Margaurita Photography and Our Munch… Here’s Margaurita Photography’s finished product of our wonderful Alfresco Dining…

  3. This has put the biggest smile on a mother’s face. I love all the ideas and it makes me so happy to see the love of nature and the value of it come though in this whole Alfresco Dining. So little can bring so much happiness. We do not always need to spend masses of money to be happy! Great photo’s, great setting, great planning and looks like delicious food too! I am absolutely sure that it must have been a very happy dinner. From a very proud Mams. xx

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